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Nothing earth-shattering. Just things I thought I’d pass along in case they’re useful:

1. You can get a new passport much faster than you can get a new driver’s license.
I applied in person for a new passport and picked it up two days later. It’s been nearly two weeks since I applied in person for a new driver’s license. Still waiting.

2. Do not forget about the tiny Swiss Army Knife in your book bag if you’re entering a Federal Building of any kind.
The screeners at these locations are much more thorough than TSA agents.
They’re nicer, too. The cuffs hardly left a mark.

3. The country of Costa Rica has no military.
Now… this in no way relates to my new passport, it simply came up organically during my week.
If there’s a coup tomorrow – not my fault!

4. If you’re expecting a parcel in the mail, it will arrive only after the pot you’re watching boils.
This is especially true if the parcel was sent from the Netherlands and contains fountain pens.

5. The Eiffel Tower was not designed by Gustave Eiffel.
Shocking, but factual, and likely a winnable bar bet!


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