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Nothing earth-shattering. Just things I thought I’d pass along in case they’re useful:

1. The Uber transportation network works amazingly well.
I won’t bother repeating all the good that’s wrapped up in Uber, but I’ve recently had the opportunity (need) to use the service extensively and I highly recommend it. Taxi cab “service” has long been in need of competition.

2. Starbucks has high-end stores called Starbucks Reserve.
In the Santa Fe suburb of Mexico City, I discovered a “Starbucks Reserve” store. As if Starbucks wasn’t already charging an arm and three toes for their products, Starbucks Reserve ups the ante a few more digits. I confess, I liked the store and even found the Reserve coffee to be superior to non-reserve Starbucks coffee. But a high-end store that still does not offer table service? Starbucks, see Uber.

Starbucks Reserve - Santa Fe, Mexico City

Starbucks Reserve – Santa Fe, Mexico City

3. Even with Albert Einstein’s help, capillary action confuses me.
More specifically, I can’t seem to grasp how capillary action is credited for the ink flow we enjoy in our fountain pens. Capillarity was the subject of Albert Einstein’s first published paper, but even his insights don’t clear my confusion. A component of capillary action seems to be that a liquid will defy gravity in order to move to a surprising location. But none of my fountain pens work well with the nib pointed skyward, so how does capillary action get credit for ink flow? Could the fountain pen powers-that-be simply not want us to know that our true benefactor is sorcery?

4. When you have only one fountain pen, it becomes your favorite.
I never had to think about it before, but it’s obvious. If only one pen has ink, it’s the one pen you’ll use.

5. The formula for the unique International Orange of the Golden Gate Bridge is no secret.
The CMYK values are: C=0, M=69, Y=100, K=6
Don’t ask me how this came to my attention. Suffice it to say that I’m currently going through my Orange Phase.


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